We are SMART!

Tri-State Custom Construction offers smart home technology, including smart lighting and smart thermostats, as well as smart home security systems. These can be controlled and programmed from an app anywhere your phone has wifi. We also offer 50amp charging stations for electric vehicles. 

 SOME OF OUR Projects

Our portfolio showcases some of our past and current projects. We are builders with a passion for bringing your project to life. Whether your project is large or small, our team is committed to your project’s success. We are dedicated to service your project from concept and permit to completion. 


Tri State’s philosophy is to build durable structures for our valued customers. We are committed to efficiency, collaboration, transparency, and integrity. Our commitment starts from day one, We’re all in.

 WITH YOU EVERY STEP of the way!

Tri State provides high-quality pre-construction services. We’ll help you visualize your goals and design your project in a cost-effective and timely manner. We’ll use our extensive knowledge of building codes, eco-friendly designs, ecological restrictions, advanced construction methods, and innovative technology to ensure the best possible outcome. You can trust us to guide you through all your pre-construction services, including: 

Design and Project Planning

We are with you from the beginning, assisting you in developing the home of your dreams.

Budget Development

We work hard to make sure you stay within budget while maximizing your investment.


We are focussed on keeping your project on schedule, ensuring a timely completion.

Permitting Review

Ensuring everything is in order is our specialty, securing your building permit.

Architecture and Engineering

Our team of Engineers and Architects works hard to turn your dreams into reality.


We review construction processes from start to finish during the pre-construction phase.